Saturday, March 22, 2014

Health Trackers

There are many activity trackers on the market, so what kind of a guess is this?  Well its a wimpy one, I like those.  I am really less predicting the activity tracker market than the Health Tracker market.  This will happen fairly quickly.  By 2017 a company will realize that the 55 year old who is the biggest market segment for this product needs a device like this.

People want a single device that can understand our health situation.  Weather old or young, into fitness or maintenance, people need to have the guesswork removed when it comes to health.

Trackers are already improving sleep patterns and helping us get the exercise we need.  Soon they will alert us and get help when we have a heart attack, seizure, diabetic shock.  They will remind us to take medicine and tack on time to workouts if we eat a big meal.

Trackers will be a part of stay well programs at work.  These trackers will know our personal body rhythm from others.  They will be connected to our lives helping us to get help and live healthy. 

There will be other uses as well for these devices, they will recommend when to see a doctor about issues that are getting worse and meal choices when we enter a restaurant.  They will be an extension of what we now call our phones that will include many other wearable devices like jewelry, belts, purses and shoes all designed to work in concert to provide data, power and flexibility to the services we expect.

So what do you think?.... Go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong.  This is just a silly guess.

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