Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Technological Unemployment

Peter H. Diamandis asks the question what will we do when when technology displaces us.  link ...  

We need jobs around love and caring.  These will be about helping people interact and form bonds. 

Social Services are a new value model, love and relationships are a currency.  I am a Cub Scout leader, care giver, husband, father, and we need to use these kinds of community service, leadership and personal growth positions as our new value model.  

The business sector needs to start valuing these previously volunteer or low paid positions as we emerge into a society that is less about producing and more about loving.  Walmart and every other corporation is looking to the future for how they can build a consumer base.  Instead of how to build a consumer base they need to look at how to be a part of stabilizing the labor base. People cannot continue to live behind a desk, or in boxes.  

If someone wants to help others our society should help them do that.  This experiment is not one of charity; it is an expression of the value we place on Humanity.  It is the underlying community of appreciation for us and our children that must be addressed.

Our school system is becoming irrelevant, and our workforce evaporating into oblivion.  In its place we must fill and overfill that void by valuing good works, teaching, and caring.  Spending afternoons with the elderly or playing in the park with kids should pay well because it is these behaviors that bind us, these behaviors that guide us and these behaviors that are inherently human. 

I don't mean to say that corporations should pay people to stay home.  We need to pay people to produce results.  These things can be measured, and bonuses can be paid for exceptional results.  The company derives value not only from public image but also from contributing to civil society.

A big fear that I have is that the program will be handed to the government or treated as a charity.  In the wrong hands the value will not be measured, the benefits will not be attained.  This loving society must be capitalistic to ensure that human nature is accounted for.  Measures must be in place, and value derived.

I can see by 2035 we will have a significant presence in this space and as “Society crumbles” we will be building into this new framework for us and our posterity.

I have had some good feedback and I understand there is a huge segment of society that we fear.  People who don't care people who you don't want to care for or be cared by.  To that I say that is why we need this model.  The only way to understand one another is to care for people different from ourselves.  

After some good dialogue with +Uche Eke  I realize that I need to add some supporting perspective to this guess.  Robert Wright has a couple of TED talks that will help to understand why I have the perspective that I do.  He argues that compassion beyond family is based on mutual benefit.  I will let him explain. 

Robert Wright - Optimism 
Robert Wright - Compassion 

I realize that sighing one 'expert' doesn't amount to evidence but this is just a silly guess.

So what do you think?   Go ahead and tell me that I'm wrong.  This is just a silly guess.